December 5th, 2010 Meeting

Rock’s Tips:

  • iPhone > Settings > General > Accessibility > Zoom
    Allows you to zoom in on individual icons on the iPhone’s desktop.
  • iPhone Safari and iPhone Mail
    Instead of double-tapping to zoom, pinch with two fingers.
  • MacOS X > Desktop & Screen Saver > Hot Corners
    Hold modifier key when pressing a pull-down bar to add options.
  • Rock shows off his 3D animated Mac logo (looks like a flag waving on the screen).
    No further information at this time.

Rock’s Holiday Gift Guide:

Other Member Recommendations:

  • Mac Promo (Mac app bundle – ten apps, one price ($49.99))
  • Give Good Food To Your Mac (Mac app discounts)
  • Clarifi by Griffin Technology (protective case with built-in close-up lens for iPhone 3G/3GS – $29.99)
    Adds a magnifying lens to take better close-up photos.
  • Slap by Griffin Technology (Flexible wristband for iPod Nano (6th gen))
  • Astronut for iOS (Free) by The Icon Factory
  • Genesis for iOS ($0.99) by EODSoft
  • i Dig It for iOS ($0.99) by InMotion Software
  • Helsing’s Fire for iOS ($0.99) by Chillingo
  • Sleeps to Christmas Lite for iOS (Free) by Dardan Software
  • Desk Yoga for iOS ($0.99) by Capital Yoga Publishing Corp.
  • LightMeter for iPhone ($2.99) by Ambertation
    Discover lighting exposures before taking your next photo.
  • Camera Genius for iPhone ($1.99) by CodeGoo
    Replace your iPhone camera app with this one to add extra features such
    as anti-shake, sound capture, a zoom, and a timer.
  • Mint for iPhone (Free) by Mint
  • Remote for iOS (Free) by Apple
  • Appvent Calendars for iOS (Free)
    Calendar 1 and Calendar 2
    A different free iOS app each day in December 2010.
  • Game Giveaway for iOS (Free) by Imagination Research Labs
    A new free game each day based on people’s votes.

A recap on some of Rock’s recommendations from 2009:

Gridiron’s Flow 2.0 demo by Paul Grant:


1Password 3.0 demo by Thomas Leroux:

  • Company: Agile Web Solutions
  • Tom demonstrated how to set up 1Password on a Mac.
  • 1Password can keep track of passwords for Logins, Accounts, Identities, Secure Notes, Software, and Wallet.
  • With 1Password installed, there are software options which get installed in your web browser to facilitate usage of 1Password when accessing web-related protected accounts.
  • There was an online demonstration by Tom of the 1Password process with a GMail account sign-in.
  • The program is phishing-aware.
  • When you’re copy/pasting the passwords from 1Password, the clipboard retains the information for a user-defined set of time, then it is wiped from the clipboard’s memory for safety reasons.
  • 1Password auto-locks upon putting the computer to sleep.
  • 1Password will generate a new password for a site you’re wishing to join.
  • It works with DropBox, an iDisk-like cloud-based server.
  • How to sync 1Password to DropBox (video):
    Go Here:
  • Tutorials are available on their site:
    Go Here:
  • 1Password is accessible on iOS devices: $7.99 for the Lite Edition (Thanksgiving special), and $12.99 for the Pro version.
  • 1Password automatically syncs iPassword between your computers and iOS devices.
  • Questions and Answers:
    Reinhard asked: Can you reset your master password if you forgot it?
    Tom responded: No. It cannot be recovered in ANY way.
  • What do I do if I forgot my master password?
    Go Here:
  • Password Recommendations: Do not use “password” for your password. Do not use the same password twice. Do not use easy passwords. Do not use personal information like a mother’s maiden name or your real date of birth when this information may already be available on social media sites like FaceBook.
  • There was a draw for two copies of  1Password 3.0 at the meeting  The winners were Jonathan Fingas and Katheryne Legault.  Congratulations!



  • Thomas briefly described the online storage service.
  • The first two gigabytes are free, and you (and they) can get extra space for referring friends and family.
  • It’s a great way to sync multiple machines to allow for sharing of various files between those who have access.
  • Here’s the referral link for DropBox:

Questions, Answers and Miscellaneous Notes:

  • Where can one run a web site:  Server North was mentioned as a good place.
  • Digital Blasphemy (single-and multi-screen desktop wallpapers)  Membership required for higher-end art.
  • Tom explained iMovie pertaining to image stabilization and what you must do.
  • How to view non-iOS-compatible videos on iOS devices: Convert the file viaVideo Monkey on a Mac to the mp4 format, and load the file on an iOS device.

That’s it for this month’s meeting. Thank you to all who have attended.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!