March 3rd, 2013 Meeting

ByMUG Business Cards: Tom

• Printed using VistaPrint
• Just ask for some!

Creating your Own Domain Name for eMail: Tom to search for domain names that are available, and to buy your own & set it up
• Other services can do same, but avoid “GoDaddy”
• Annual fee: make sure you renew or you risk losing your name
• When setting up, use IMAP, not POP; IMAP is better for showing emails as “read” on all devices once they’ve been read on one device
• You can set up old email addresses to forward to your new domain name
• Buying a domain name for a kid: be comfortable that in OSX, parental controls can be set to limit the child’s emails only to your own Contacts

iOS Tricks: Tom

iPhone Vibration Mode – turning it off

• Sounds > Vibrate on Ring / on Silent > OFF
• Stops vibration and saves batteries
• Video: How to stop iPhone from vibrating

iPhone – Light Alert, instead of Ring or Vibrate

• General > Accessibility > LCD flash for Alerts > ON

iPhone – Do Not Disturb mode

• Settings > Do Not Disturb > ON
• Caveats: calendar alarms will still ring; call from same number within 3 minutes will still rink

Longer Battery Life in IOS Devices

• Airplane mode: turns off cellphone and radio
• WiFi > OFF
• Brightness / Wallpaper: Turn down
• Data Roaming > OFF
• Enable LTE > OFF
• Location Service > OFF

iOS Apps: Tom, David & Others

Flipboard (Tom & David)

• pick your preferred news sites
• groups sites; e.g., news, technology, etc.

Vine (John? & Tom & David)

• 6-second videos; caveat re posting propensities

PDF Maps (David)

• Free app, by Avenza
• You can add your own notes to maps
• Has Googlemap support
• Can track GPS

Pythoniste (David)

• A development language
• Foundation for Dropbox, for example
• To learn Python, google “Learn Python the Hard Way”
• Caveat: complex; can solve one problem while opening another, if not mastered

MacStories (David)

Documents (Jeff)

• Allows you to move documents from one cloud service to another
• more?

Minecraft (Tom)

• Virtual game reminiscent of “Lego”
• You build a whole world
• Great for both kids and adults
• Can be played offline, or online collaboratively
• Tom did a demo

CES (Consumer Electronics Show): Jon

• Great for seeing new things before market; also to see things that never make it to market
• Panasonic 4K (20”) “Tablet”
• “Insanely sharp and detailed”
• Resolution: 3840 x 2860 (?) pixils
• Good for advertisers, architects, graphics designers who have to make that one big “pitch” for $ millions
• Microsoft Surface Pro
• Acer Iconia B1-A71 and other inexpensive tablets
• Vizio 10-inch tablet with “Tegra 4” high resolution
• New laptops have been disappointing recently; gimmicky
• Lost of “Ultrabooks”, but mostly poor imitations of the MacBook Air

Mobile World Congress: Jon

• Highlight was the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
• Tablet and phone if it has 3G / 4G
• Uses a stylus
• Attempts to be a response to the iPad Mini
• Not priced yet
• Huawei Ascend Mate is another phone / tablet (also shown at CES
• Different operation systems, not just IOS; e.g., Firefox OS for budget phones, popular mostly in countries like China

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